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26. říjen 2017 17:30 - 19:30 | Brno

BEC Healthcare and Medical Services

Brno Expat Centre Seminar

The most sought-after topic of our BEC Seminar series is Health care. 

A doctor, dentist, a midwife and experts on health insurance and vaccinations will be discussing the specifics of the Czech healthcare system, health insurance for expats, as well as problems with finding medical assistance when foreigners do not speak Czech.

Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, EU resident or not, have public or private health insurance, we will provide valuable information for you. We all need medical assistance at some point.

Experts in the panel:

Tomáš Klobas (general practitioner)

Eva and Hana Luskačová (Duo Smile Dental Surgery)

Vaccination specialist (TBA)

Pre-natal care specialist  (TBA)

Viktoria Collier (health insurance, Uniqa)

Tomáš Ryšánek (health insurance, Pafin)

Pharmacy specialist (Chytrá lékárna)

The experts will discuss the following topics:

– How to find an English speaking General Practitioner?

– How to register to a GP? To a dentist? To a pediatrician? To a gynaecologist?

– Doest the insurance cover my tooth fillings?

– What are the compulsory vaccinations?

– How to get to a specialist?

…and many more questions you may pose.

Public discussion will be followed by an informal networking and individual consultations with experts.

The seminar is free of charge for registered members. 

We are collecting questions for the seminar in advance to give the speakers a chance to prepare.  Make sure to include yours during your registration or send an e-mail to Katka at banova@brnopolis.eu.

Date/Time Date(s) - 26/10/2017 17:30 - 19:30

Location: Knihovna Jiřího Mahena - Europe Direct